Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is the 180˚ view of the scene. I think we need to give this land a name. . . other than India.  Suggestions? 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Elephant

These are the concepts that Andrew drew up. They look great! I'd like to know this elephant.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Color Concepts

These are some color concepts to reference whilst designing our backgrounds for Tom and Kelly.

Matthew's Scene Design's

Here is some work being done by Matthew. We are conceptualizing the style and layout of the surroundings. These are some of the scene's Matthew has drawn. He's an excellent draftsman!

Gaelin's Tree's

These are Gaelin's tree. Currently, she is painting them in and they look amazing! She is doing concepts for dressing the scenery.

Top of the Morning to You

All right guys,

I just had two very good meetings with Kelly Loosli and Tom Lefler and a few things have transpired. First off, assignments that we have made go as follows:

Tim: Assistant Visual Effects Supervisor-- Basically, he is the man I can turn to get things done that I can't at any given moment. He is also going to be heading an introduction that we got permission to do in After Effects. --I have the story boards for this and also some tutorials for the 3D environment that we need to get you doing.

Alex: Visual Effects Producer-- She is going to be the organizer and motivator of the production. Over the last month, I have been playing the role of both supervisor and producer and I am doing a poor she is going to be working with me on creating a pipeline, a spreadsheet checklist, and deadlines to keep this ship moving. She is also going to be checking in on you guys to help motivate completion.

Matthew: Matte Painting Lead-- Matthew has been putting out sketch after sketch of different landscapes already and he is doing a great job. We now have a few concept landscapes from other students and some ideas from Kelly that will allow him to really work out some refined sketches. Kelly has given me some print offs and artist names to look at which I will get to you, but basically we are going for a highly stylized world. At the same time, we want you to make this world your own and get as creative as you think you can. And with shadows, color correction, and fog effects, we will make the men look like they belong in that world--this can be very cool.

Gaelin: Assitant Matte Painter-- Matthew is going to have his hands full rendering out sketches, so Gaelin is going to help give a little relief to him. Especially when it comes to painting these scenes. --For you and Matthew, I can teach a little about Photoshop and I also have some painting tutorials by Photoshop master Deke Mcleland for you to look at--if you don't know how to paint in Photoshop already. I do want you Gaelin to look at the scenes and pay particular attention to the color pallete that we want to choose for the film, as I believe we can always use a females perspective on this--I will talk to you more about reference and motivational material later.

Andrew: Lead Elephant Designer and Animator-- New to the team, I saw some of Andrew's work in the multimedia lab, and what I saws was great. Kelly agreed that Andrew is a man that could take the lead on the animation and design of the elephant. --Kelly wants to do this all by hand, so of course you will have our help, and I am going to print out reference material for the actual animation. You also know Flash really well, so talk to Kelly if you think some of the scenes might be easier in that program. I also have some reference material for you to look at on the design of the elephant. Big simple shapes is the idea.

Some of you I had already talked to me about these assignments. Others, this is the first time you are seeing these. If you are thinking to yourself, "What the !%#*!# ?" than talk to me and we will work stuff out. Otherwise I think we have an incredible opportunity at our hands. All of us, at some point, will be doing a little bit of everything, as it is impossible for each of us to do this work by ourselves. Lets set up a time to meet this week:

Lets say Thursday evening at 7:00pm in the basement multimedia lab of the HFAC. This is in the F wing, down one floor from the main floor.

Email me if you need specific directions or if you absolutley cannot make it to this meeting. Please, please please, make it if you can. Here, we will talk into more detail about everybody's assignments, give out more reference materials, and set a week's worth of goals. We will have another meeting the following week where we will look at and talk about the work that everyone has accomplished. We will also talk about where we want to be by the end of the summer. This is crunch time, and if we want to be in a good position for when school begins we need to get going now.

Thanks you guys and I will see you on Thursday.

John Pettingill
Phone# (801) 420-8382