Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photographic Evidence of All Out Hard Work

John and Tim, looking up some stuff on the computer

Someone's hands, drawing on paper being creative. 

Bryan and I, working on Animo 

Sarah working so hard animating 

The Scanner. A KEY step in the animation process.
Aaron and John, discussing elephanty matters
Aaron drawing an awesome Elephant right there
Sarah once again animating. So Brill
Boston's blind men mug shot
John's Mug Shot

The Snacks that have kept us going on those late nights
I REALLY like them
Bryan doing the Snake Morph on Director
Bryan working hard
Its-a-me! Animating. 

The End is Nigh.

Hi All!

This Is Meredith, AKA one of the top Pre-animation animators/ink and painters on The Blind Men and the Elephant Like that italicizing? Fancy Right? 

Anyway, Things have  really been plugging along over here, See that photo over there? Thats me, cleaning up some great animation. Proof that work is being done. We are nearing the final stretch of work now, and its pretty exciting. That being said, here are some great elephants that have been thrown on model. I personally am a fan of the worried elephant. I think he is cute. But since he is an unflappable elephant, he usually has a passive expression on his face like that second photo. 
There happens to be kind of a snag in production right now, which is why I am writing in this blog rather than working. The scanner is broken and we have to wait for a bit for someone to come in and fix it. But most likely, if all goes well, all the animation will be finished, inked and painted by tonight. Isn't that exciting? Speaking as someone on the inside of this production, it had been really fun and a great experience. Plus we get free pizza every once and a while. 

Here is an Elephant-related joke. 

How do you stop an elephant from Charging? 

Any Guesses? 

You take away its credit cards!!!! 

HAHA. That kind of has to do with the recession. And debt, which is something that my dad, who is an economist, and my mom, who watches a lot of Oprah who talks about things like that a lot, talk about a lot. So there. I tied together Current events AND this project. Great right?